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Find all the Tools a Startup Needs, with Reviews and Discounts

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Everything a Startup Needs and Nothing Else

Curated, Vetted Content for any  Entrepreneurial Journey,

All in One Place. 

No Egos, No Elons. 

No Bots, No BS.




No Bullsh*t 

Business Content

Protect your Mental Health with Honest Advice from Experts without Egos.

LinkedIn without the Bragging

YouTube without the Distractions

Google without the Bias

TikTok without the Lies

Vetted Entrepreneurial Advice

Marketplace of Tools

Mental Health Resources

Verified Expert Creators

No Trolling. No BS.

No Endless Scroll

Invest in Something Great

We exclusively curate content directly connected to the art of building a startup—nothing more, nothing less.

Our mission is to reduce the stress and failure rate for entrepreneurs by giving everyone 

access to the right information. In turn, we help protect investor money.

Get in touch if you want to be an Investor in Humble.

... the answer begins with us

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Vetted Creators


Join the Humble community and tap into the wisdom of 1,500+ vetted creators, all ready to supercharge your entrepreneurial journey!

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We want you to have the information you want right away. We also want you to be able to support and learn from experts you like. Commission them directly.

Marketplace Deals


Explore 300+ product deals on Humble Marketplace and get access to more than $500k in discount codes. 



With content in 8 languages, we're here to support entrepreneurs worldwide with a friendly, welcoming vibe.

Monetize your Videos,

Articles & Podcasts.

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Chase Likes on TikTok, Chase Dreams on Humble



Discover truly valuable content that cuts through the noise. We know how hard entrepreneurship can be, because we've been through it.

We're all about providing genuine assistance without any gimmicks, so you won't find us allowing content with empty promises, get-rich-quick schemes, courses for sale. We want you to be able to find the answers you need without 30million results, distractions and bragging. Wouldn't that be a nice change?



Know your worth? Want to help others grow?

Apply to become a Creator on Humble. Share your wealth of experience to guide others through the intricate path of entrepreneurship.

Join our community as a Humble Partner and transform your new and existing content into a source of revenue without needing to constantly post. 



Our platform and creators are deliberately curated to protect your mental health. You won't find any BS, trolling or misleading information here. We also provide valuable mental health resources to support your well-being during your entrepreneurial journey and share the experiences of seasoned entrepreneurs. You got this!

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