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Welcome dear


Your experience and expertise is the driving force behind everything we do, and we can't wait to support you on your journey.

As a partner in this program, you're not just a creator; you're a vital part of our the entrepreneurial journey of thousands of startups.


Use Humble as an opportunity to inspire, educate, a global audience and turn your expertise into a sustainable and fulfilling venture.

We are very serious about only promoting the best, so only 10,000 Creators from around the world can join at this point. Are you one of them?

Join the Humble Partner Program and convert your expertise into earnings.




We Offer 8 Revenue Streams to our approved Creators 

Monthly Paid Subscribers

Creators on Humble earn steady income through monthly paid subscribers who support their content.

Humble Pies” aka Tips/Donations

Fans can show their appreciation by giving you a slice of "Humble Pie" (tips/donations).

Sponsorships (Internal/External)


Creators can secure both internal and external sponsorships, boosting their revenue through partnerships with brands or other Humble creators.


Creators can sell their merchandise directly on Humble, capitalizing on their fanbase and creative designs.

Ad Revenue

Creators can monetize their content through ad revenue, generating income from advertisements displayed on their platform.​


Creators benefit from cataloging, enabling them to organize and monetize their content effectively, ensuring easy accessibility for subscribers.

Transactional Commissions

Humble offers creators transactional commissions, allowing them to earn a percentage from sales or transactions made through their platform.


Creators can offer premium content or features through Humble+ subscriptions, creating an additional income stream from their dedicated audience.

Get Started in Three Steps


Create an Account

Apply through the Creator Onboarding program and get approved as a creator.

There are only 10,000 places open.


Get approved

Share your LinkedIn profile so we can see your follower count and tone or share something new. 

The amount of content you have does not matter. 


Share Your Content

Upload your videos, articles, podcasts and start supporting Founders around the world.

Your Partnership Manager will work with you to maximize exposure.

Transparent Revenue Split


Never Uploaded -

Bottom 35% - Top 65%

User/Content Creator


Top 65% - Top 33.3%

Humble Affiliate

50/50 Revenue Split - Ceiling

Top 33.3% - Top 20%

Humble Partner

50/50 Revenue Split - Floor,

+ Perks and Motivators

Top 20%- Top 10%

Humble Partner +

60/40 Revenue Split

Top 10% - Top 5%

Humble Premium Partner

70/30 Revenue Split , Sponsorships

Top 5% - Top 1%

Humble Senior Partner

70/30 Revenue Split, Sponsorships,

+ Best Perks

Monetize Your Expertise

Join the Humble Partner Program

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