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AI Survey - We want to know what you think.

We are giving away a free Founders Membership, a lifetime membership to Humble. To qualify you need to fill out this survey and comment on this LinkedIn post:

AI Survey

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In the design of artificial intelligence systems, which aspect do you consider to be the most important?
Functionality and efficiency
Safety and control
Fairness and transparency
Privacy protection and ethical constraints
If your company has artificial intelligence technology, which area would you be most interested in applying it to?
Customer service and marketing
Product development and optimization
Business intelligence and data analytics
Operations and process automation
How familiar are you with AI technology and its applications in business?
Not familiar at all
Somewhat familiar
Very familiar
Extremely familiar
How important do you think AI technology will be for the success of future businesses?
Not important at all
Somewhat important
Very important
Extremely important
What kinds of challenges do you think businesses will encounter with adopting AI technology?
Privacy and security concerns (data)
Cost of using and implementing AI
Lack of understanding about AI
Trouble with integrating to existing systems
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