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Startup Resources: Our Top 3 Startup Tools for Financials

Startup Resources: Our Top 3 Startup Tools for Financials

Ready to scale your business successfully? Here’s how Slidebean can help you scale your business: ► Build your Go to Market strategy ► Presentations & Frameworks to set a culture of performance ► Deals on recommended tools for like Recurring, Justworks, and Brex & more… Our Community gets 30% Discount on their Slidebean Subscription. Get started now: Use code ‘SLBYTCOMMUNITY’ or check out Are you ready to pitch to investors? We can help ► Subscribe to our FREE weekly startup newsletter ► Download our financial model template ► DOWNLOAD OUR FINANCIAL MODEL TEMPLATE: Startup Financial Resources Every month we spend around $20,000 in SaaS products. Our landing pages, our servers, our accounting- you know, the stuff you need to run a business. Many of the services we use, we adopted when they were an early-stage company. They've not only become a fundamental part of our business and our operations but growing with them; oftentimes, they are also our role model. I figured we could share some of those platforms, which I expect other startups and small businesses will also find useful. The big disclaimer here is that this is not a paid video. We pay these companies, not the other way around. We are highlighting them because we believe you'll find them useful, not because they paid us to do so. We are also not afraid to tell you where they suck. These are our top 3 Startup Tools for Financials: Accounting and Taxes: 1:10 - Indinero: 1:20 - Brex: 2:51 - Stripe: 4:00 Bonus Tool: - Our Financial Model: 4:59 #slidebean #startups #StartupResources ---- Slidebean: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin: ---- Caya: Linkedin: Facebook: YouTube: Instagram: -- About Us: Slidebean is a platform for founders to scale their startups. Our platform offers everything you need to build your startup, your pitch deck, set up your company, and start gaining traction. Our team of experts can also help you write and design your pitch deck and build the financial model for your startup.
13 Pitch Deck Design Tips for Creating the Perfect Startup Pitch

13 Pitch Deck Design Tips for Creating the Perfect Startup Pitch

Are you trying to wow potential investors with your startup pitch deck? Then you really need to be thinking about your pitch deck design alongside your actual pitch. Luckily, you've got Visme to help you out. Get started today: --- A pitch deck tends to have one purpose – to wow potential investors or advertisers and make them want to work with your company. And while you want to make sure you have crafted the perfect startup story and share enough information on your metrics, marketing plan and target audience, the buck doesn't stop there. You need to be sure that your pitch deck design is alluring and engaging enough that your audience is pulled into your pitch deck and can easily understand the data and information you're sharing with them. Good pitch deck design, charts and visuals are the best ways to ensure you'll really grab your viewers and keep their attention throughout your presentation. Follow along with these pitch deck design tips throughout this video: 1:00 Your Design Should Communicate Your Message 1:46 Visualize Data and Information 2:23 Appeal to Investors’ Emotions 3:03 Use A Readable Font Color 3:42 Be Consistent With Your Brand 4:25 Get Creative 5:04 Design to Your Audience’s Interests 5:37 Include Attention Grabbing Elements 6:49 Use Background Images 7:20 Add Unique Testimonials 7:47 Use Tiled Layouts for Complex Information 8:25 Keep Your Design Consistent 8:53 Choose One Theme With Varying Looks Make sure your pitch deck is one to remember by employing each of these pitch deck design tips AND using a pitch deck design template from Visme. You can check out our available templates here: Simply choose your favorite or the one that most closely resembles the messages you need to share and fully customize it to fit your brand and your vision. Learn even more about upgrading your pitch deck design in the blog post version of this video:
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