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Humble Inc's signature Green-Black gradient background
Humble Inc's signature Green gradient background

Transforming Entrepreneurship

  • 95% of startups are launched by first time Founders

  • Inexperience causes stress, failure, burnout and worse.

  • We are changing this for Founders everywhere

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Join as a shareholder and help us change the way startups, start.

Humble Inc - Mental Health
Humble Inc - Mental Health
In this video, we delve into our unique perspective on the mental health of entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneur Painpoint - Humble Inc
Entrepreneur Painpoint - Humble Inc
Addressing the challenges and obstacles that entrepreneurs commonly face along their journey.
Startup Wellness - Humble Inc
Startup Wellness - Humble Inc
We aim to inspire founders and teams to prioritize self-care and create a supportive culture that nurtures both personal and professional growth.
Humble Inc - Quick Synopsis
Humble Inc - Quick Synopsis
A quick synopsis of Humble Inc.

Brief  Introduction


Over a million Founders each month take the leap to starting their business. 

We want to make it simpler for everyone, regardless of knowledge.


1billion hours of entrepreneurial content is consumed EACH DAY on Youtube. 

The demand for information is there!


300 million people create expert video content on LinkedIn. They are not "influencers, but REAL experts". 

Their content is exactly what we want.

Top Reasons to Invest

Our Solution

NOT Driven by Likes & Followers

Humble is the ONE platform exclusively dedicated to startup information, free from the toxicity of likes and followers.

No BS. Ever.

Fake success and bragging doesn't do any good to anyone. We're creating real success and inspiring true innovation.

Expertise in Every Language

With expertise available in every language, Humble ensures accessibility and inclusivity for entrepreneurs worldwide.


Creatively repurposing original content into new formats and languages creates valuable IP for our Investors. 

Founder Showcase

We are creating a portfolio of Humble Founders building businesses in the right way. Our Investors get first look. 

Protecting Mental Health

"Fear is the mind killer". Protecting the mental health of Founders means they are much more likely to succeed. 

ONE Platform with ONLY Startup Information

Phone screen displaying the Humble Inc platform, highlighting its features and user interface

“It’s useful media, not social. It’s creative and not toxic. Google is overwhelming, YouTube is distracting, LinkedIn sells to you, (on) TikTok you get lied to. On Humble, you get the right answers, from people who have been through it, without trolling and abuse. Being an entrepreneur is hard; Humble is here to make it easier.”

Charlie Lass - Humble (Founder)

Charlie Lass - Founder- Humble Inc

The Market

Projected Startup and Entrepreneurship Market CAGR for 2023-2027

Expected Active Global SAAS Market by 2028

Global Mental Wellness Market Size in 2020

Global Workplace Wellness Market Size in 2020

Humble addresses a critical gap in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. With 5.4 million new businesses formed in the US in 2021, 30% are projected to fail by 2024, and 50% by 2026 (Source).


The startup failure rates of 70% within 10 years for general businesses and 90% for innovative startups (Source) further highlight the urgency. Entrepreneurs also face alarming mental health challenges, making our focus on verified guidance and mental well-being crucial.

Our Business Model

Free content (curated from other sites)

Organized into modules

translated and transcribed

Premium Content

(made for Humble only)

80/20 subscription fee split


Affiliate Links



Subscription Service

Investing in Humble isn't just a financial move; it's a chance to nurture innovation, foster mental well-being, and empower aspiring entrepreneurs and experts. Through strategic partnerships and a strong brand, we're reaching entrepreneurs globally, reducing decision fatigue, and creating a community dedicated to achieving success.


Let's make the startup world a bit more humane, a lot more humble, and a whole lot wiser. It's not just about investing in a platform; it's about investing in a movement that's changing lives, one brilliant idea at a time.

Laptop screens displaying the Humble Inc platform, highlighting its features and user interface
Humble Inc's signature Blue-Green gradient background

Invest in Something Great

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